October is the spookiest time of the year, and pumpkins, goblins, and ghouls are out trick-or-treating in full force. But if you think Halloween is just for kids, think again. 

Adults can (and should!) celebrate Halloween, too. Throwing a Halloween party for grown-ups means you can go all out with a scary or fun theme. Plus, you can get creative with the cocktails, too. 

Here are four Halloween party ideas that adults will find hauntingly wicked. 


1. Mad Scientist Cocktail Party 

The mad scientist is ready to mix things up this Halloween! Create a themed cocktail party atmosphere with orange and black balloons and starry night plates. Serve creative drinks in different colors served in pipets and beakers. If you want to add an extra cool effect, use dry ice in the drinks, too. 

Don’t forget to have whoever is playing the bartender dress up in a mad scientist costume with a big white wig, too. For tasty treats, serve up strange treats like severed fingers (hot dogs) and eyes (white cookies or crackers with chocolate or olive eyeballs.) 

Gold and silver metallics on black plate with pink sour Halloween candy


2. Halloween Brunch 

Halloween parties don’t have to be reserved for the dark. Why not throw a Halloween-themed brunch for your friends instead? You can serve Bloody Mary’s, pumpkin pancakes, orange and black sprinkled donuts, and green (avocado) deviled eggs splashed with hot sauce. Keep it festive by sticking witch hat mini toppers in all your treats.

Of course, your guests can still come in costume, if you wish. Don’t forget to set out a candy bar for everyone to take home a bag of treats to enjoy later in the day! 

Avocado Deviled Eggs with black olives and parsley

3. Murder Mystery 

A murder mystery party takes a bit of planning, but it can be so much fun for your guests. Everyone gets a part to play — you can assign these ahead of time or hand them an envelope with their character and have costumes ready when they arrive.) 

Look online for a script and party plan to follow. Different ideas include a Way Out West theme where the characters include a city slicker, deputy sheriff, ranch hand, and a preacher. Or, spread some gold sparkle confetti around the room and go for the 1920s Jazz Mystery, where guests solve a murder from a jazz club, dressed as a flapper, jazz pianist, and club owner. 

Murder mystery invitations

4. Horror Movie Night 

For a low-key Halloween party that still has plenty of frights and delights, host a horror movie night! Set up a projector screen in your backyard or in your living room and put on your favorite slasher movie. 

Treat guests to popcorn balls, spooky punch, and fancy halloween themed candy.

Pro tip: Encourage guests to dress as or wear the mask of their favorite slasher or gnasher.

Lindsey Lohan Halloween costume as a dead bride



 Happy Halloween!