Birthday parties can be hard when you have to keep your distance, so why not make your little one’s birthday magical with a Princess Party...done virtually!

Why Have a Virtual Princess Party?

Having a virtual princess party is the way to go if you want to have fun from a safe social distance. While things are opening back up, a lot of people might be weary about partying together in the same room - and for good reason!

That’s why we recommended trying a virtual princess party….it’s all the fun of a princess party, but all from a safe distance!

So, what do you need to make your virtual birthday party a special, and dare we say, magical occasion instead of just another drab video call?

Here are the only 4 things you need for the perfect virtual princess party:

A Party Set fit for Royalty

What do you need to make a perfect virtual princess party? First of all, you’ve got to look the part - get creative with your plates, napkins, straws, cups, and forks! For a princess party theme, the Fairytale Princess Set turns birthday party make believe into magic reality!

Or, if you want something that feels more like a royal garden party, check out the In Full Bloom Party Set which features an array of floral-patterned plates, and a faux-eucalyptus banner you can hang from tables, doorways, or walls to make the perfect background for your virtual party. Add Princess accents like our Fairy Princess Wands or Fairytale Cupcake toppers.

A Fun Background - Virtual or Real!

Having a virtual party in the form of a video call probably means the party guests are going to be looking at the same background for a long time. If you’re using Zoom or some other video call service that offers custom backgrounds, try that, and get creative, you can be anywhere from the moon to an 80’s party, to a castle...and what better place for a princess?

Of course, you can always go old-school and decorate the main space where you’ll be throwing your party. We recommend keeping these tips in mind for decorating your virtual party:

Choose your background! When decorating for your virtual princess party, remember that the entire area behind the birthday princess will be visible, so choose an area with a lot of visibility, and some room to hang up the decor.

Good lighting is a game-changer! Try having lights behind the “camera” instead of overhead, which tends to wash people out. If you can, use natural lighting like a backyard or bright room with windows - natural lighting is just more flattering and easier on the eyes for people partying along at home.

Go All out with Decor - Think Bold! You want something that stands out, so think big with a balloon banner, like our Happy Birthday Balloon banner. Or, build your own balloon banner! Bonus - none of these require helium! For more balloon ideas that just require some good old puffing, check out this blog

Get Creative with a DIY Princess Costume


A Princess party isn’t complete if you don’t look the part! While you can buy plenty of Disney Princess costumes, we suggest a DIY look. For one thing, it’s easy and fun, and you get to spend time planning your perfect princess look. Either way, don't forget some some sort of crown - like this beautiful faux-floral crown made just for kiddos.

There are a ton of DIY Princess costume tutorials, but you don’t have to sew or make something that will last forever if you get creative. For example, what if a princess were also a unicorn and had the magical unicorn headband to prove it? Talk to your birthday princess about what kind of cool, creative costumes you can come up with!

Plan for Clean-Up...before you even start the party!


Make a plan with your birthday princess BEFORE the party starts, so that once you click “Leave Call” the clean-up starts right away!

Have bags for trash and recycling standing by, and have a plan to take down the decorations and put them away for next year. The last part isn’t the most fun, but it’s how you know the party went well. Use this time to ask if the party was fun, what they liked or didn’t like about it, and what their favorite parts were. You’ll be talking and cleaning and down before you know it!


Tell Us About your Virtual Princess Party!


While having a birthday party over video might be different, try these tips and must-haves for a virtual princess party, and you never know...your little princess might like it more than the real thing!

That’s why we want you to let us know about virtual princess parties you’ve had. We can’t wait to be inspired by your fun virtual parties!