In just a day or two we’re ringing in America’s birthday once again, and 4th of July can only mean one thing...parties! And barbecues. And having fun in the sun. OK, so maybe it can mean a lot of different things...which is why we’ve put together these quick last minute tips for the perfect 4th of July party.


Decorate Even if It’s Virtual...And Encourage Your Guests to do the Same


Even though virtual parties are still the safest way to get-together, that doesn’t mean that you have to show off your bookshelves on video call.  Even if you’re celebrating separately, making it easy for the guests to have the same party banners, balloons, or party fans as you is an easy and fun way to make your virtual parties feel like they’re in the same room.

If you’re organizing the party in lieu of hosting one, considering picking up a couple of decor pieces and sending them to your guests along with real, paper invitations. After all, just because the party is virtual, doesn’t mean the invitations have to be. Your guests will be thrilled to receive the gifts, and you’ll all feel like you’re partying together, which is what really counts



Go Red, White, and Blue...or choose something new

A 4th of July party is the perfect time to break out the classic motif for your party decor, and It doesn't get much more classic than red, white, and, and stars and stripes. When it comes to all-american party plates, cups, or even balloons, you can’t go wrong with the classics.

Of course, decorating rules are meant to be broken. If you’re feeling like trying something different, you can go with a tropical theme. After all, 4th of July is the start of the sizzling summer season, so why not experiment with some traditional summer patterns like the palm beach party set which was inspired by iconic Palm Beach hotels.

Or what about something a little more playful, like the Fruit Punch set, which combines all the beautiful colors and shapes of a summer harvest so fresh you can almost taste it. These pieces will set the tone for a truly sweet party, from shiny foil balloons to the most adorable watermelon umbrella your drink has ever seen.


Watch some fireworks!


July 4th parties are synonymous with fireworks, and while some fireworks displays aren’t happening the same way they always do, you can always hop onto a live-stream and check out festive fireworks displays from around the world.

If you’re throwing a virtual party this Independence Day, then you can always check out the iconic Macy’s 4th of July fireworks display which has lit up the New York skyline in red, white, and blue since 1976. The Macy’s 4th of July fireworks will be streaming live in several places. If you’re doing a virtual 4th of July, remember to send your guests a link to the livestream so you can all sync up your oohs and ahhs as you watch the fireworks!

With these 3 tips, you’ll be ready for an All-American good time, whether you’re bbqing in the backyard, chilling in the AC, or hanging virtually!