Little girl eating birthday cake. Dressed in Alice in Wonderland with party decor plates.


The best kids’ birthday parties create memories that last a lifetime. But as the parent planning the party, you might be struggling to think beyond those classic party ideas that have been done a million times.  

So to help you create an unforgettable day, here are some unique kids’ birthday party ideas to wow your guests. 

Various colors of polaroid cameras laying on top of polaroid pictures.


Capture Memories with a Photo Booth: Even young kids love getting their selfie on these days! So why not create your own child-friendly photo booth with a variety of fun backgrounds and props? Provide the kids with customizable frames that they can decorate with stickers, glitter, and other pieces of flair. Use a polaroid or print pictures so that the kids can pop their images into their new works of art  to take home.  

Pro-Tip: Give your goodie bags a retro touch by including disposable cameras. It might be the first time these kids have ever even seen such a thing!



Italian-styled paper plates with gold cutlery, straw and cup accents. Confetti and candles wrapped around garland.


Take Your Guests Around the World: Does your child love traveling and learning about new places? Then let your guests be little world travelers at a globally themed party. Have each table be based on a different country and let your guests choose which table they want to “travel” to! And of course serve plenty of fun food from each different culture. 

    Pro-Tip: These Amalfi blue plates are perfect for an Italia-themed table. Write some fun facts about the country on the back of the plates to give your party some education flair. Brava! 

    One year old birthday spread. Orange and white balloons decorated with pineapples and palm leaves.

    It’s Never Too Cold for the Beach: The winter months may limit your options when it comes to a child’s birthday party. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beach indoors! Blow up a  kiddie pool and create a ball pit. Stack up the beach towels, set up the sand art , and serve plenty of summertime food. Hot dogs and corn on the cob, anyone?

      Pro-Tip: Get guests in the summer mood with plenty of beachy accessories like watermelon umbrella toppers and flamingo straws

      Matisse printed paper plate and coral paper napkin.

      Make It an Arty Party: Does your child love to draw and paint? Have him or her choose an image of something they love — like their favorite animal or cartoon character. Buy some small canvases from your local craft store and have your guests paint their own interpretations of this picture. It’s a great interactive way for children to explore their artistic side!

        Pro-Tip: Art is more fun when it’s colorful! Top off the party with these vibrant Matisse plates to inspire your budding little post-impressionist. 


        Small clay planters stacked. Gold frame with pink and white background giving instructions.

        Have a Farm-to-Table B-Day: What’s more hands-on than gardening? Grab some seeds and let your young guests dig, plant, and water their own fruit, veggies, and flowers. Put a save-the-date note in your guests’ farm-themed goodie bags. A few weeks later, you and your child can send the fruits (and veggies) of your labor out to guests as an extra-special surprise! 

          Pro-Tip: No outdoor garden party is complete without lots of fruit — fruit punch, assorted fruit popsicles, mixed fruit salad, watermelon slices, and — of course — fruit-shaped balloons!