Burger with star topper on red gingham napkin and navy blue paper plate.

Linden and Sara chatted with the team at the Select 7 to discuss their favorite ways to amp up a summer soiree.


1. Add some major color to your tableware
Ditch that boring white plate and go for something bright and bold. Our Matisse plates are not only bright and beautiful, but they’re large enough to handle plentiful portions. 

Modern and colorful party plates with confetti and party fans.

2. Embrace flower power
Flowers are a great way to add color to any summer party. We really love this acrylic flower box because there’s no bouquet arranging needed and it’s totally stunning. 

3. Make cocktails for a crowd
Everyone wants to serve unique drinks, but no one wants (or has the time) to play bartender. Spend more time with your guests by creating big batch signature cocktails in advance. Our favorites: Pear Ginger White Sangria and Watermelon & Cucumber Mojitos — yum! Serve in these super fun iridescent glasses for some added sparkle.

Iridescent glassware and modern martini glasses.

4. Serve prettier ice cubes 
We’re obsessed with this super simple party prep idea because it adds such a cute detail to any event. Add fresh, edible marigolds into your ice cubes the night before your party and watch your guests marvel over the prettiest ice cubes they’ve ever seen! Another idea is to go the extra mile and create uniquely shaped ice cubes. For an elevated look, try a sleek sphere or get a little crazy with diamonds or even shark fins.

Rosé bottles in ice bucket with floral ice cubes.

5. Get a Rosé keg. Yes, that’s a thing.
Beer kegs are for college, we’re classy now: We do Rosé kegs. Rosé , also known as summer water, is a party staple when the weather warms up. It’s a nice feminine touch that will impress everyone at your party, even those who prefer beer. Good luck with that keg stand though!

Blue rosé keg and letter board with saying for fun outdoor party.

6. Blow up a GIANT white balloon
You heard it here first: Balloons aren’t just for kids parties anymore! Go beyond just a bunch of balloons tied to a chair and get creative with balloon decorations. For example, our Big, Bold and Brilliant balloon features fairy lights as the string. It’s pretty magical.

Woman pouring champagne into bowl. Eucalyptus, floral paper plates and blossom lights, big white balloon with string lights.

7. Go old-school with your photos
Capture all of your memories the old-fashioned (or 90s) way with a Polaroid camera. The novelty of it is so much fun! 


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