You’re about to tie the knot and are so excited to have your favorite girls by your side. Before the wedding day, of course, comes the bachelorette party. You and your nearest and dearest girlfriends are ready to hit the town for a special night out before the big day!

When you’re planning the party, don’t forget to shower your favorite ladies with some love in the form of fun party favors. Your pals will appreciate the thoughtful gesture, and you’ll all be ready to celebrate in style. 


“Bride Tribe” Wine Tumblers

It’s time to raise a glass, er, tumbler to the bride! If you’re going to be drinking outside, by the pool, or beach, gift your girls some bachelorette themed wine tumblers. They come in plastic, or stainless steel if you want your drinks to stay cold. They are also discreet enough to hide a cocktail or two! 

Bridesmaid tumblers with names

“To Have and to Hold” Hair Ties 

No matter what fun you plan on getting into over the weekend, everyone could use a few extra hair ties. Your bridesmaids will love the thought, especially if they forgot their own and want to go to the pool or brunch with their hair up! Attach a note that says “to have and to hold” to make hair ties a bit more on-brand for the weekend. 

Bridal hair ties for bachelorette party

Team Flip Flop 

If you and your girls are going to be spending time by the pool, ocean, or hot tub for your bachelorette weekend, gift everyone a pair of personalized flip-flops. You can get them monogrammed to say “bride tribe” or with each person’s name, so no one confuses their pair with someone else’s. 

Light pink and white bridal flip flops

Spa Time Face Masks 

Gather around with the girls and create your own spa evening with refreshing face masks. Self-care feels great, and will help everyone look fabulous for all the photos you’ll take together. If you buy several packs, you can use a few at your party and let everyone take home the rest to use before the wedding!

Sheet masks for bachelorette party

BFF Bracelets

You’re never too old for friendship bracelets! Order a variety of colors and customize them with your friends’ names or with a funny inside joke. You’ll look like quite a connected crew when you go out together, and the girls can save them as a memento for years to come. 

Cozy Socks

Everyone can use an extra pair of comfy socks. Especially if they’re cute, matching and personalized. Monogram a pair for each bridesmaid and take a picture cuddled on the couch with your feet up to show off the writing. Standing in a line with a nice foot pop makes for a great shot too!

Bridal fuzzy socks

Hat Squad

Your bride tribe is the best and you want the world to know it! Hats are a fun way to help everyone match without having to worry about different sizes. After a night out, they’re also great to throw on when you want to get breakfast without having to do your hair. Baseball hats, trucker hats, beanies- there are lots of options depending on your style!


Bridal hats for bridesmaids


Congrats to the bride-to-be!! Have fun with your bride tribe!