We're very excited to be writing this particular piece because every time we ask you guys what you want to see more of, without fail it is always how to create a balloon garland. So, we went above and beyond. We partnered up with the incredibly talented Teresa Shpizear of @babyshowerconnoissuer who literally specializes in making balloon garlands (check out her page, we promise it won’t disappoint). She curated a step-by-step guide on how to create your very own masterpiece.

Follow these easy instructions to deck out your next party with balloon art.

What You Need:

  • Portable Dual Nozzle Electric Air Balloon Pump
  • Balloons (3-5 colors) & various sizes (5 inch, 12 inch, 36 inch): 5-10 balloons per foot of desired length (depends on the size of your balloons and the fullness of the garland).
  • 3mm hooks
  • Fishing line and scissors
  • Balloon Post (optional)

    Portable dual nozzle and various sizes and colored balloons.

    Step 1: Measure out your garland

    First, determine how long you want your garland to be. Take your fishing line and measure it against your wall or the structure to which the balloon garland will be affixed. Leave a little extra (a few feet) so that you have excess to play with. You can cut the tails off in the end after you hang the garland up!


    2: Blow up the balloons

    You can definitely do this by mouth but depending on the length of your garland you may be huffing and puffing for a while. Having the Air Balloon Vacuum or some kind of pump is a game changer. It is super simple to blow up the balloons while catching up on some late night tv. You can always add more balloons as you go but make sure to have a variety of sizes so that your garland has some nice texture and depth!

    Two blue balloons being blowng up my portable dual nozzle.

    Dark and light blue, pink and gold balloons blown up laying on the floor.

    3: Attach the balloons to your main twine

    After measuring that long piece of fishing line, attach one of the ends to a kitchen counter chair to keep it still and to make sure the balloons are pushed to the end and packed in tightly. Attach a single medium-size balloon to the end of your garland so you have an anchor point. Do this by wrapping the fishing line around the balloon’s knot several times.

    Now, begin creating clusters out of most of the balloons. Start by taking two balloons at a time (of the same size), and tie them together by their ends. Position the balloon cluster right on top of your base singular balloon. Take the fishing line and wrap over the balloon knots once and push the cluster as close as you can to the base of the first single balloon. Go over each balloon a few times with the fishing line to make it secure. Then, keep adding more clusters in the same way! Again, make sure to push the balloons all the way towards the end to ensure that the balloons are packed in closely and there aren’t any gaps.  As you start attaching more balloons, you’ll see it start to take shape!

    Two gold balloons being tied together by their knots.

    A stack of 4 gold balloons tied together.

    A stack of multiple light blue balloons tied together and tied to the post of a chair.

    4: Hang and Adjust

    After attaching all the balloons that you need to achieve the garland length, tie off the ends and hang it up on the wall using your 3mm hooks. Then correct it as you see fit. You can shift balloons around or add extra balloons to fill in any gaps or help the garland take a different shape. The smaller balloons you add in give the garland more volume and add some dimension. You can also use faux flowers or greenery by simply placing them gently in between balloons. Just do whatever you’re feeling when you step back to take a peek!

    White, gold confetti, gold, light blue, dark blue and pink balloon garland against a gray wall.

    So now you know how we will be spending our weekend! If you have questions or need clarification on any of the steps, comment below!

    We would love to see your balloon garlands, so send us pictures of your final product.