When youre dressing your house up to ring in the New Year, youll want to create a memorable look that will live on in Instagram posts and, most importantly, in your guestsmemories. Glitter, gold, and confetti are tried-and-true New Years decorations but you can add your own take on many of the classics. Read on to find out how! 

Set the Mood

If you want a themed party, there are a number of classics you can incorporate. Want to welcome the New Year with a golden hue, which brings with it ideas of prosperity and 1920s glamour? Send out the party invitations on gold paper, and require guests to arrive wearing something gold. Prefer the glitzy, sparkly feel of confetti? Add a touch of confetti to the invitations, bring out confetti throwers, and decorate a New Years sign with glittery confetti. And this year, who could possibly forget about the roaring 20s? Think flapper dresses, art deco napkins, and classic 20s music. Daisy Buchanan would be proud!

A disco ball is a must, and for a memorable twist, you can incorporate it in a unique way think vases filled with mini disco balls or cake topper disco balls. These also make the perfect party favors for guests to bring home with them. 

Balloons, of course, are a party classic. You can dress them up by painting them with liquid gold or silver leaf. Or try our Gold Confetti balloon bunch for a beautiful and elegant blend. 

Disco balls hanging from ceiling


Say Cheers

The midnight toast is the focus of the evening, so make it count, with the most eye-catching tableware you can get your hands on. It doesnt have to be expensive you can find trendy gold straws and cocktail napkins for under $10! 

Black and gold tablescape decor

Public Resolutions

Kick the year off to a good start with a chalkboard where your guests can write down their New Years Resolutions the publicity of the board means its a great way for guests to hold themselves accountable to whatever they write. It also creates a great focus for discussion and collaboration.

Black resolution board with confetti and glitter

Picture Perfect 

Set up a trunk full of party hats, mirrored glasses, and costume jewelry, where guests can help themselves to whatever party attire they choose. Its a perfect way for your guests to interact with each other and allows you to finally bring out the feather boa youve had in the back of your closet since second grade. 

Happy New Year Photo Props



Champagne truffles, served in champagne flutes, echo the bubbly decor and provide a sweet beginning to the New Year. 

These tips will make your New Years party a major talking point for many months, and possibly years, to come. Bring on the 2020s!