Have a Keg

The last thing you want to do is play bartender all night and miss the crucial plays. Set up a keg so your guests can self serve. You can even get a keg delivered with services like Minibar Delivery. Don’t like beer? There’s a wine keg for you. 




Unless you’re an AVID fan of Football or your team is playing or especially if you’re just here for that half-time Beyonce show, the Superbowl can sometimes get realllllyyyyyyy long. Set up some games to keep people entertained. Rate Superbowl Commercials with these cute DIY signs, test your knowledge with Superbowl Trivia, and have people put their money where there mouth is and throw down for a game of Football Squares.



Butcher Paper is your Friend

Keep your services clean and make cleanup easier with butcher paper. You can also draw a football field to make it more festive or label food for your guests. Looks fun and is inexpensive! 



Set up a disposal station

Clearly indicate where people should throw trash and recycling to give you one less thing to do after everyone leaves. Do your part for Mother Earth while still looking cute. 



Finger Food Frenzy

Reduce cleanup needs by serving lots of finger foods. Seven layer dips, pigs in a blanket, nachos, artichoke dip, crudite, potatoe skins, bagel pizzas, sliders, or wings are all great options. Make sure to load up on napkins though…


Everyone gets a seat

If you’re crowding around a TV make sure everyone has a seat and an unobstructed view. Achieve this by making some at-home stadium seating. Toss throw pillows on the floor and add some high chairs or barstools in the back to increase your capacity without asking for Uncle Jack to take his hat.



Do your decor right

You don’t have to go all out to make your party a little extra special. Our Game Day set has all the football accents you need to add some pizzazz. From toppers that are perfect for sliders to Balloon Banners to some sassy napkins, your guests will be impressed by how on theme you are. 



Have reserves for late-in-the-game snack attacks

Remember there has to be a winner. That means if the game is tied at the end of regulation, there are 15 minute overtime periods until there is a winner. And if you have some stress eaters in the audience, this could mean serious depletion of snacks. Keep some chips or something sweet for dessert to the side in case you’re looking down the barrel of four overtime periods. Note, this has never happened  but there’s always a first!