We love parties, now more than ever.

They allow us to see the people we love in real life and not just through their social media channels. Connecting to people face to face has become so important in this digital age.

Yet we find ourselves shying away from throwing a party because it always feels like such an insurmountable task.

We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve stared into the dark abyss of Amazon’s party category. Parties are all about fun, but the shopping and planning experience is decidedly not – it’s messy, stressful, and inefficient.

Websites are overwhelming, product assortment is incomplete and shipping is at a snail’s pace, often showing up days after your party - what good is that? We were shocked to learn that with the massive transformation in e-commerce, there is still no better solution for party supplies.

So we built Coterie. Your new party planning best friend.

Coterie offers elevated party supplies, designed by us and unlike anything else on the market. Our beautifully-designed collections are all available in a few easy clicks to make gathering with friends effortless. Because we’d rather you spend time on your guest list than on your napkin choices— after all, the people are what make the party.

To get the party started, simply head over to coterieparty.com and browse our nine ready-for-anything curated Sets.

Whether you’re hosting a baby shower or having friends over for a garden wine party, we’re here to help you spark those instant party vibes. Pick your occasion and the number of party guests, and we’ll send you everything you need from tableware to balloons to cheese toppers and glitter candles (we always recommend glitter candles). Our Sets start at $49 for 10 guests, with plenty of added flair to make your party even more special. For the hostess looking for a little more customization, all our products are also available to shop à la carte.  Plus, we’ll get the product to your door before the party, even if you’ve procrastinated (we’ve been there…).

While a curated and seamless online shopping experience seems obvious these days, it’s surprisingly nonexistent in the outdated $10B party industry.

As founding members of Daily Harvest, we know e-commerce and how to bring an online brand to life. We knew we could apply that experience to this new challenge of re-imagining the way people celebrate life’s moments, both big and small.

Get together better.

With Coterie, there’s no more running around to different stores, no more lackluster products and no more staring into the abyss of a massive party store and wanting to crawl into a dark hole. We hope that by removing the stress of party planning, you’ll find more time and more excuses to enjoy #moregoodtimes with friends.