Say no to drugs(tore) paper plates. 

Friends invite themselves over. Mother-in-law drops by. Playdate in the park is canceled thanks to rain. Does any of this sound familiar? While impromptu get togethers are fun, they can add unnecessary stress in the form of mountains of dirty dishes or having to resort to ugly drugstore plates. Even though it’s last minute, you still want it to be somewhat cute, right!? 

The Coterie Team is very excited to announce the launch of our Emergency Sets! They won’t stock your pantry with wine (or juice boxes), but they’ll help to liven up any impromptu party. Our Emergency Sets are filled with just the essentials - plates, napkins, cups and straws. They’re meant to be stored away in your pantry and ready to use whenever life gets a little spontaneous! 

Tuck these Emergency Sets away and you’ll always be ready for whatever party knocks on your door. We’ve done all the hard work for you! Just choose from 8 of our carefully selected Emergency Sets and let the guests roll in. 

In case of emergency, use Coterie!

Happy hosting!