A year of #moregoodtimes

Who doesn’t love a walk down memory lane? Our co-founder’s Linden and Sara took some time to reminisce on our first year in business and thank our amazing community of party people for the incredible support. Read on for their favorite moments. 

Linden: Time flies when you’re having fun (and playing with balloons all day), right? 


Sara: Haha, it definitely does. It’s so crazy to me still that we’ve been in business for a full year. Do you remember when we received our first samples in? That is still one of my favorite memories...we were so excited. 


Linden: Yes, I absolutely do. What I remember even more vividly is our first trip to China. Loooooooved the 24hour flight…not (for context, I hate flying). 

Sara: LOL. Still sorry for making you go through that.


Linden: 😂


Sara: I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our mission when we started Coterie (to help people get together with those they love by making it easy to throw an amazing party with minimal fuss) and how it’s evolved but has also grown stronger. Do you feel the same?


Linden: Absolutely. I really feel like people want to be on their phones less and be more present. Our mission was to give people an excuse to do this more often and easier than ever and I think that’s why it resonated with so many of our customers. Even I have been monitoring my screen-time religiously.

Sara: Same. I particularly love seeing our customers’ party pics. It still feels surreal to see our goodies in action. We’ve been so lucky that the response is so positive. 


Linden: We truly have. That doesn’t mean we haven’t had our fair share of learnings…


Sara: Oh man, yes! We’ve learned so much. I’m the most grateful to our customers who always share open and honest feedback. It’s what pushes us forward and allows us to create an even better experience for party people everywhere.


Thank you so much to our community of party people who have helped us to get where we are. We’re so excited for another year of #moregoodtimes and to celebrate all of life’s moments, both big and small, with all of you. 


Linden & Sara