It’s the most important day of the year. National Puppy Day. And if you’re like us, this year we’re celebrating even more because it’s our furry friends who are helping us through long days of working from home. (Check out @dogsworkingfromhome for some A+ content of good working doggos.)


To make it extra special, we partnered with BARK to create the ultimate Puppy Party Box that’ll have your pup doing zoomies all day every day. The first 50 customers who order our PAWTY TIME SET will get a BARK Party Blower for their pup to go crazy with. Case in point...

Click here to purchase our PAWTY TIME set.


While we’re sure your pup will be ecstatic with his new toy, here are some tips to go above and beyond for National Puppy Day. In their eyes, everyday is National Human day so pay them back with a fabulous fête. 

Step 1: Fancy Feast

Set up a gourmet meal for you pup. Use our Pawty Time set to create the most spawtacular tablescape. In shades of blue and yellow (the colors that dogs see best), this party is sure to make your pup feel fancy. Download our free Puppy Party printables and use the pawprints to decorate the center of your table. Cook up some hot dogs, their favorite chicken jerky, or anything else juicy, delicious and not kibble. Label each dish with one of our printable labels. Give your pup a little bib and let him go to town. 



Step 2: Formal Attire

Everyone loves a chance to dress up. Get your handsome sir a dapper bow time or a grab a beautiful bandanna for your little lady.


Stuck at home? Not to worry, all these can be made in the comfort of your own abode. Check out this guide to making your own bow tie with everyday items. Want to go all out - these steps to make a DIY crown for the goodest boi in the world.


Step 3: Let them eat cake

Literally. Here is a recipe for a peanut butter, pumpkin and apple cake that’ll probably have dogs and humans drooling alike. Just take the dog biscuits off your version. Or don’t. We don’t judge!

Step 4: Playtime

Afterall, all your dog really wants is your love and attention. After food that is. So make sure to get on the ground and roll around with him and his new BARK Party Blower. Lot’s of tummy rubs, cuddles and walks if you’re able and you’ll have a happy pup on your hands.

Step 4: Give back

In all seriousness, with the global pandemic reaching new heights, people and organizations across the world are in need. Beyond doing your part to social distance and stay healthy, donating to Foodbanks, supporting Small Businesses, AND running errands for your elderly neighbors are all ways you can help. Animal Shelters are also in need and are facing an uncertain future. Check in with your local shelters to see what they need, donate money or supplies, or even sign up to be an emergency foster should shelters reach maximum capacity. Best Friends, the ASPCA, and the Humane Society all have excellent information in addition to your local rescue centers. 

To download all of our Puppy Party printables, click here 

Have any puppy themed party ideas or DIY activities? Comment below to share with our community! Questions? Email