Arts & crafts with a child cancer patient


Meet Stephanie Frazier Grimm - the driving force behind Confetti Foundation. She developed the idea for the foundation when she was visiting her godson in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and met another child who was spending his first birthday at the hospital. As a party planner, Stephanie naturally wondered how the milestone would be celebrated. When she found out that there was no celebration, Stephanie set out to bring birthday parties to children undergoing care at hospitals. 


Princess Cinderella with a child cancer patient


Through the partnership of children’s hospitals, pediatric oncology clinics and pediatric Hospice facilities in the United States, The Confetti Foundation’s goal is to provide a themed birthday party, positive moments, and normalcy during a difficult time.  Although the party is not a cure, the hope is that it will provide a welcome distraction and a good reminder that every child deserves to be celebrated.


Group dressed up as cartoon characters visiting a sick child in the hospital



Volunteers at The Confetti Foundation gathers party supplies, fills the boxes, and then distributes them to participating children’s hospitals across the country. The foundation currently works with 210 hospitals across the country and has delivered almost 6,000 birthday packages.  


Women making crafts


As soon as we heard about the foundation and met Stephanie, we knew we had to be involved. We are so honored to work with the Confetti Foundation in their mission to bring a little extra joy to those that need it most.

Through our partnership Coterie will:

  • Every month, we'll throw an epic party at a children's hospital to provide a little fun for kids who need it most.
  • On the day of the party, 20% of profits from our Coterie website will go towards funding more parties with the help of our partner, Confetti Foundation. Our first party is on Tuesday, March 26th at New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital - so make sure to shop our site on that day!
  • We’ll also donate 100% of our profits from our “Party for Good Item” and volunteer time to Confetti Foundation.


If you’d like to get involved or have a pediatric center that could use a party, let us know at 


Linden and Sara