I need a hero 🎶We’re all looking out for a hero at the end of the night, given these uncertain times. Luckily, our Party Team is caped and ready to swoop in and save the day with some fun, at home tools for throwing a super duper party at home. Read on to add a little bam, zaap, and pow to your party. 

Step 1: Printable Designs to enhance your party

Let’s face it, if you’re at home and in some capacity entertaining little ones (for the foreseeable future) you’re already a hero in our eyes. We figured we’d arm you with easy ways to spice up the little things, like snacks, lunches, and dinners with our Super Duper Food and Beverage Labels. Have your kiddos pick their superpower (or supersnack) with tasty and nutritious options like baby carrots for Laser Vision or grape tomatoes for Super Strength. Download our full package of Superhero Printables here!

Party favors are still a thing, even if you’re not inviting any guests into your home. Maybe rebrand them into awards for whoever was the best behaved that day? We love the idea of taking a plain lunchbox (or anything that needs a bit of pizazz around your home) and stickering it with BAM! ZAAP! and POW! to fit the theme. 


Step 2: Activities/DIYs To Unlock Your SuperPowers

Pin the tail on the donkey just got an out-of-this-world upgrade. Our Pin The Star on The Shield Printable will transform your living room into Captain America’s battlefield. The only weapons we allow are love and kindness, though :) 

Studies show that Slime has been linked to stress relief, and since we’re pretty much game for anything that can zen us out, give this Avengers Slime recipe a try with whatever you have in your pantry. 


A fan favorite that requires minimal effort but will produce maximum fun, is a SuperHero Cape (made out of a single bedsheet!). If you’re really lucky, your kiddos may even want to help with laundry after this one. It’s easy to encourage them to throw in a load if they can turn it into cape afterwards. Seriously, a towel can be a cape too! 

Step 3: Super Food Recipes

We all have a sweet tooth, so if you are looking to really amp your kiddos up, Spiderman Strawberries will get the job done. Involve your minis in the process and before you know it, they’ll be little bakers and math whizzes! 

To download all of our Super Duper Hero Printables, click here.

Have any cute, super duper themed party ideas or DIY activities? Comment below to share with our community! Questions? Email cheers@coterieparty.com