With the festive season here with us, parties are at every corner. We will have plenty of guests to host as well as meet-ups to do some catching up with friends. It is a great time to enjoy ourselves. That is why picking the right wine flavor for you, and your loved ones is essential. The right wine should be of great taste, cost-effective, and also food-friendly. It would be awful to have a wine that reacts badly with the food buffets offered during this festive season. When picking a brand of wine to gift a person, ensure you choose a classy band that elegantly delivers your intended message. That said, below are five trending wines that will crown your festive season.


Sparkling Wine

It is probably one of the most exceptional wines; you can never go wrong with picking this one. What’s more, the holiday sales for the sparkles typically kick off in mid-October. With the sparkles, you get to experience versatility at its best. It is because not every sparkling wine is champagne. This versatility is because the production method is not solely the traditional fermentation process used. Did you know that you do not have to spend tons of money on wine? It is due to the growing popularity of grower champagnes. Although most farmers have been selling their grapes to big wine houses, some opt to hold back some of their produce. They then produce their champagnes, basically those that reflect the style of the vineyard owner or outstanding details of the vineyard. These are not only readily available but also cheap. 

The key to picking a sparkling wine, especially for a lower price, is going for those made through traditional methods. There is also an appeal found in the red color of some sparkling wines and the numerous bubbles. Pick the sparkling wines, not just for dinner but also as an after-treat.

Variety of sparkling wines

White wine

Contrary to assumptions, there are white wine styles available that blend extremely well with every type of food, including steak. There are many varieties of white wines available, due to numerous methods of winemaking and ratios of the residual sugar.  You can sip your glass of wine before a meal, usually as an aperitif, with dessert or during meals as a refreshing drink. You may also gift it to a stubborn friend who refuses to take wine. You may then use it in the kitchen, for example, to deglaze cooking juices and also to soften meat. 

Get to enjoy a floral aroma this festive season by getting yourself a bottle of white wine. Oaked Chardonnay, the world’s most popular white wine, is a great variety to try the white wines. It is rich in vanilla flavors. If you do not find oaked Chardonnay appealing enough, you can try unoaked Chardonnay, its counterpart. The main difference is that it lacks the buttery flavor. However, if you find white wine too acidic, consider purchasing Sauvignon Blanc, which is less aggressive.

White wine being poured into a glass on a vineyard

Red wine

Red wine, as the name suggests, is made with red grapes. Interestingly, study shows that by consuming red wine moderately, you will get healthier in terms of heart problems and some types of diseases. Other than that, numerous red wine varieties pair quite well with food. Cabernet Sauvignon, of Caymus Wine, for example, is a great choice and very conducive to everyone during meals, even when taking fatty meals. 

Merlot, on the other hand, is enticing to drink due to its fruity and yummy taste. You can pair merlot with poultry, for example, chicken or duck. Also, for a sweet and juicy taste, consider getting Zinfandel. This brand is unique in that its taste widely varies depending on its growth area. If desiring an alcoholic feel, Zinfandel has a high alcohol content. Pair it with pizza or pasta dishes for a great time with friends and family.

A bottle and glass of Italian red wine

Dessert wine

Also referred to as pudding wines or sweet wines and usually served with dessert. Dessert wines are great for enhancing your after-dinner experience. Although you can take some of the dessert wines on their own, they are dessert wines for a reason as they are best paired with food. A particularly versatile and cool dessert wine is Sherry. Sherry has numerous production methods, for example, by using three grapes, you can make Palomino Fino. Additionally, the presence of a solera aging system, which is a blend of older and younger wines in the production of dessert wine, gives it a great uniqueness. 

When selecting the perfect dessert wine, you may opt for dry vs sweet category or oxidative vs non-oxidative. Dessert wines are especially ideal for dinner dates when paired with your favorite desserts. A tip when serving dessert wines is to do so in smaller glasses as compared to table wine. This is due to the alcohol content as well as the intense flavors in dessert wines.

Dessert wine paired with a charcuterie board

Rose wines

Note that there exists a difference between red wines and rose wines. This is because for you to make rose wines, you should crush the red grapes lightly then leave them to macerate with their red skins for some time. Rose wine may contain the unique tannic color; characteristic of red wines. This is because the longer you leave the grape skins to sit in the wine, the darker the final color of the rose wine. Thus, if you leave it for just a few hours, the color will most likely be white or pink, while with time, it will get darker. 

Additionally, most rose wines are a blend of many grapes. Rose wines will save you some fair amount of cash as they are relatively cheap. They are a great selection for barbecue, beach wine, picnic wine, and also to sip in between conversations with friends.

Sparkling rose on a tray with pine needles


Heighten your experience during this festive season by getting a good bottle of wine to sip and offer as a gift. When pairing food with wine, ensure you give the food enough time to settle. To ensure you land for the brand that works best for you, do intensive research as well as some wine tasting! Have fun with it.